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Chatham Social Health Council | STD, HIV, and AIDS Prevention Education

Welcome to Chatham Social Health Council - Serving the central North Carolina rural communities

OUR Purpose

Our purpose is to educate, prevent and advocate STD's, HIV/AIDs and unintended pregnancies in the rural counties of central North Carolina.  Our mission is to spread the word regarding unintended pregnancies, STD’s and HIV/AIDs in Chatham and surrounding counties.   Be Smart – Keep Safe – Get TESTED !!!!!

OUR History

The Chatham Social Health Council, founded in 1991, is a community based nonprofit organization in the rural North Carolina County of Chatham dedicated to providing HIV and sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention education and advocacy. The Council constantly searches for creative ways to accomplish its mission and has had much success with non-traditional approaches.

Due to the  rural nature of the County and lack of traditional gathering places (bars, restaurants, etc.), the Council makes the most of nontraditional locations such as churches, barbers and beauticians shops, Latino Groceries (Tiendas), English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, and factories. Utilizing these venues to provide skills-building educational sessions on HIV/AIDS and STD infection epidemiology, modes of infection, and prevention methods can lead to behavioral change and the adoption of safer-sex practices.

Much of the Council's creative approach involves building a network of volunteer peer educators, who, by their nature of being insiders to their communities, can help peers understand the risks of unsafe sex, enlighten them as to prevention strategies, and offer referrals for testing and treatment when needed.  By increasing the number of volunteers in Chatham and surrounding counties, we can serve the community better through resources on HIV/AIDS and STD issues.  The Council empowers people to depend on one another, instead of upon a single agency.  Through our expanded testing program we offer HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and hepatitis C testing and referrals.

OUR Programs and Services

As we strive to prevent HIV, sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) and unintended pregnancies in Chatham, Alamance, Randolph, Orange counties; we also provide testing in Lee, Hoke, Hartnett, Montgomery, Anson, Richmond and Moore counties, we have gone above and beyond the call of duty to include surrounding counties as well.

Prevention education targeting men who have sex with men (MSM), women of child-bearing years, Latino and African American communities is also accessible on- and off-site for clients. Referrals to other community organizations are often made from these offices for varied support services, including case management. Our client services are confidentially located near the hospital in Chatham county and within distance of the Chatham Health Department for easy access.

We have services that go into the communities of Alamance, Orange, Randolph and Lee to gather

We also have bilingual Spanish- and English-speaking advocates and prevention educators in our offices as well as community who support our purpose to better educate the people in these rural areas of central North Carolina.

OUR Goals

To increase the knowledge about facts related to HIV and STD infection rates and trends, modes of infection and methods of disease prevention.

Increase the knowledge of HIV risk reduction skills (correct condom application, safer sex negotiation, etc)

To increase the adoption of safer sex skills among priority populations.

Increase the number of people that know their HIV and STD status.

Link people to care services which may include case management, mental health services, referrals to infectious disease medical providers along with assisting people to stay in care services.


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Who Are We?

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