Tuesday, September 30, 2014

About Us: Our Staff

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Ricky Duck, Interim Executive Director, joined the Council as a volunteer in June 2008 and became an employee April 2009. Ricky has 12 years experience in the mental health field with 9 of those working for the State of New York. Ricky has worked at the Council in numerous capacities such as the Testing Assistant, Data Analyst for research with Wake Forest University for 4 years and now as the fourth Executive Director. Ricky has been in charge of meeting all Council funders to review the agency goals and rate of success for meeting those goals. He is highly regarded by the funding agents for whom he has been involved with. Ricky continues to support the services offered by the Council for all people. His goal for the future of Chatham Social Health Council is to bring in-house care services and treatment to people testing positive for HIV and other STDs. He also has a passion to continue to be involved with research in the sexual health field.
Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker, Prevention Coordinator, started with the Council September 2008. She works closely with the community to reach all people of every race, age, ethnicity, etc, distributing condoms and educational materials to local teindas, convenient stores, pool halls / gamerooms, laundry mats and any other place where people may gather. She is known as the ‘Condom Lady’ when driving our famous ‘Condom-mobile’. Lisa assists with the testing services and she is trained in phlebotomy. She leads many fundraising projects for the council. Most recently, Lisa assisted with Decisiones Sabias, a Latino Youth prevention program developed by Chatham Social Health Council.


Charlene Yancey, Testing Coordinator Supervisor, started with the Council July 2009. She supervises the NTS and SAC testing teams and is a Phlebotomist. Char brings much knowledge of working with people from her long career in the mental health field. She is very connected in the community and can be seen driving around the community in the agency 'Condom-mobile'.
Vacant, SAC Coordinator,




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